A Complete Healing Crystals Guide for Beginners to Know about Healing Crystals

While medical science has advanced graciously, the impact of alternative treatment methods has also prospered. Holistic treatment options such as healing crystals have become quite popular today. One such strategy that some individuals find extremely helpful even today is healing stones. While some people find science in the working of crystals, some other sections connect it to religion.

Is there any science behind crystal healing?

Yes, experts believe that the crystal stones emit positive vibes that replace the negative vibes within us and help align our body and mind properly.

But again, there is another angle to it too.

When you think deeply about what religion believes in crystal healing, you will find their references in almost all the possible religions worldwide.

You must have noticed how experts use pebble stones during the spa or even during the holistic method of massage and acupuncture. This is because these healing crystals are extremely helpful in curing several ailments that possess the human body and mind when the human system gets imbalanced a bit. Therefore, many people believe that there are some must-have crystals to wear for healing that keeps your mind and body in proper alignment. 

The miracles of these healing crystals have been noticed in different parts of the world. Hence, several celebrities also now talk about the usage of such crystal stones in their lives too.

But to get started with these stones or get attracted to options such as large quartz crystals for sale, it is imperative to know in detail about them.

Healing Crystals and their Meaning

To know about healing crystals, it will be essential to understand the meaning and process of crystal healing initially.

So, what is crystal healing?

Experts say people often fall ill when their bodies and minds are not correctly aligned. Crystal healing with the use of small or large healing stones is a holistic treatment that helps bring back the balance between the body and the mind that ultimately helps cure many health concerns and issues.

Many experts such as Judy Hall also believe that these crystal stones work like a tuning fork that helps trigger the senses in a human body to treat several issues and bring peace and sanity to a person’s mind.

By now, many celebrities have also adopted the benefits of crystal stones and have been openly accepting that they use large healing crystals in their regular life. As a result, many celebrities are noticed quite often wearing crystal stone jewellery or carrying them in any other way. Some eminent names to talk about are Adele, Miranda Kerr, Jenna Dewan, Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham, and the list can endlessly.

Now, it is again very important to understand how much is a crystal healing session.

It is not easy to know how to do crystal chakra healing. Experts spend years learning this technique of how to heal your chakras with crystals. Hence, if you are visiting a crystal healer, you may have to spend a good amount for every session that you are attending.

Benefits of Healing Crystals

The recent pandemic scenario has taught us many lessons about leading a healthy life. With the aggressive use of technologies such as smartphones or unhealthy lifestyles, many have faced a weaker immune system that is the root cause of several health concerns. While some individuals have started to correct their schedules during such scenarios, others have also moved towards using mindful treatment options such as healing crystals.

But still today, many people have this question in their minds that do healing crystals work actually?

Over time, many individuals have noticed several benefits of such healing crystals. One of the most commonly talked about benefits is stress relief. Stress has become a global issue today. Even teenagers and small kids get grasped by stress due to diverse issues. Crystals stones are known to calm your mind and help you release stress. Apart from stress, the stones are also known to help you gain more focus to achieve what you have aimed for in life.

So, actually, how to use healing crystals for anxiety?

There are several ways how people can use these crystals for anxiety. One of the fascinating ways is to install large crystals in the interior that can help in calming minds and treating anxiety.

There have also been cases where other health disorders can be treated using these crystals. But how do crystals heal the body? Diseases such as infertility, gastrointestinal issues, and similar others can be treated with the correct use of the right stones, such as regular or large quartz and other similar options. So it is only that you need to make the right decision and use the stones in the right way, and you can surely notice the difference within you. But of course, you also need to have patience and make a few changes in your lifestyle while you are using the crystal stones to see the changes.

Crystal Healing Session

When you go for a crystal healing treatment, you have to be patient, as any holistic treatment takes some time to show its results. Like many other holistic treatment methods, crystal healing is also done in sessions. Therefore, the experts will offer you a few sessions with different beneficial crystals such as large citrine and others. Gradually, you will start feeling the difference.

So, how do you know how to use your crystals for healing?

Different experts use different ways of treating individuals with the use of these crystals. One of the most common methods is in the form of a spa. In this kind of treatment procedure, the right kind of healing crystals are placed on different body parts, such as on the forehead, on the palms, or even on the person’s spine, depending upon the requirement and the issue that the person has is facing.

There are different healing crystals available that are known to cure different issues. An expert can tell which crystal is for which condition. Also, it is essential to place the crystal at the right position of the body that can help in aligning the chakra of the body. For example, amethyst is a stone known best for enhancing your focus. Usually, this particular stone is placed between the eyebrows that are also the place of the third eye. This helps you in meditating and also helps in boosting up your focus.

Popular Healing Crystals to Know About

While there is an endless list of crystals available today, it is important to know which crystals are for healing in reality.

Jade Stone:

Life longevity is something that humans have wished to have since the ancient ages. Scholars say that one of the basic ways to stay longer is by keeping your body away from toxins that cause health issues. So, is jade a healing crystal or more? The crystal stone Jade is a name that helps purify your body of the harmful toxins that would otherwise cause several diseases or health issues such as infertility. Also, it helps make your mind peaceful and offers you a sense of wisdom. Experts massage that particular area with this stone to purify particular area. For mind-related concerns, meditating with this stone in hand is highly efficient.

Citrine Crystal:

The prime question here should be not what does citrine crystal heal but how does this stone benefit. This yellow-coloured crystal stone is highly helpful for entrepreneurs and business-minded people. The stone is extremely efficient in enhancing creativity, motivation, and self-esteem among people. When all these qualities are combined, a business owner surely comes up with brilliant ideas that bring fruitful results and thus welcomes prosperity. Along with prosperity, citrine can cure several other health hazards, such as digestion-related issues. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose a small or large citrine crystal for you.

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Rose Quartz Crystal:

The Red Rose is the symbol of love and relationships. Rose quartz is also a crystal stone that is a symbol of love and helps in mending relationship issues. If you have been craving the sense of unconditional love, installing large quartz crystals in your surrounding can help a lot. The stone helps the individuals replace the negativities within them with love energies and helps in evoking self-forgiveness that ultimately helps in mending relationships. So, is rose quartz a healing crystal? This crystal stone is not just all about relationships but is also helpful in treating disorders such as infertility that is also indirectly related to relationships.

Turquoise Crystal:

Turquoise is a commonly seen crystal stone that many people today prefer to have as it has the capabilities of protecting individuals from the surrounding negativities. Individuals who are a part of a busy and polluted city can surely benefit by installing large crystals such as turquoise in their interiors. The stone absorbs the pollution and the negativities of your surroundings in the city to keep you safe and in the most purified form. As it is a purification stone, it is surely helpful in maintaining your immune system by aligning your chakras well. As a result, it also helps control mood swings, calming exhaustion and fear to promote good health and mind.

Clear Quartz Crystal:

Clear quartz is one of the strongest crystals ever known. It is known to act as a bridge between your conscious and your unconscious mind to balance your senses. If you are disturbed for certain reasons, this crystal stone is a definite solution for you. It triggers your inner negative energies and detoxes your body so that what you feel afterwards is extreme peace and revitalization. It helps many people come out of certain traumatic situations to continue leading their life happy once again. You may find large quartz crystals installed on a table in a few offices or even home interiors these days too.

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Amethyst Crystal:

Amethyst is a unique stone found with almost all crystal experts. You must have also found this stone with many astrologers and numerologists that might have evoked a question in you that the person whom you have visited is using amethyst crystals for healing witchcraft. This purple-coloured stone is extremely beautiful to look at, and a lot of people place this stone within their home interiors to decorate it and get its benefits. This is a healing stone that helps relieve stress or any kind of sad emotions. Truly, it is also called at times to be a support stone. Besides, amethyst comes along with many other benefits, such as it helps in getting rid of negativities and ensuring that you can do meditation in a much better-focused way. At times, the stone is also seen to offer healing benefits for people who have got issues with headaches. Like quartz, you may also find large amethyst crystals at a few homes and other interiors.

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Apart from these commonly known crystal stones, there are many more healing crystals with amazing properties such as:

  • Rhodonite
  • Shungite
  • Labradorite & Lapis
  • Selenite
  • Ocean Jasper
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Obsidian & Tourmaline

How to Choose the Crystal Stones in a Right Way

While large healing crystals offer many benefits, they can work for you if you are choosing the right one for you. As mentioned above, different crystal stones have different properties. So, it is essential to choose the right one to benefit from the properties in the right way. Here are some factors if you have been thinking about how to identify my healing crystals.

Know Yourself:

Before diving into the world of healing crystals, it is very important to know yourself quite carefully. Some people are not sure about their issues, so they cannot pick the right stone for themselves. So, how to feel your healing crystals? Give yourself some time or talk to people around you to understand the issues that you have got, such as stress, anger issues, digestion issues, or any others. Once you have understood the actual problems, you will search for the right solutions for them.

The Color of Healing Crystals:

The healing crystals are not just colourful pretty-looking stones, and rather these colours speak a lot about their properties. Therefore, you can choose the right stone based on the colour of the stones. To the question of how many types of healing crystals are here, are the answers depending upon their colours.

Dark Coloured Stones:

Dark colours such as black, brown, or dark blue are related to cleansing and protection. These colours are great in detoxifying your body of negative energies to have vibes of positivity within you and focus on your goals with proper self-esteem and motivation. So, when next time you visit a large dark coloured healing crystal sale, you can surely guess which stone can be for which benefit.

White Coloured Stones:

As the colour white denotes, the stone is known for purity and peace. Therefore, with the help of the white-coloured large healing crystals, you can attain peace of mind and purify yourself of toxins and negative energies.

Green Coloured Stones:

The colour green denotes the calmness of the green ocean colour. This means healing crystals such as emeralds that are green in colour are quite helpful in establishing calmness within yourself. For example, if you have anger issues or cannot focus on anything, green-coloured crystal stones are quite helpful in getting rid of such issues and balancing your mind.

Red Shades Stones:

Who does not know that the colour red denotes the feeling of love? Red-coloured stones or stones with shades of Red such as pink do not just help in relationships but can also help in other ways such as boosting energy and curing some health issues. Many such healing crystals with reddish shades help cure several health issues such as anemia or even infertility. If you have noticed a large quartz sale and if it is rose quartz, you can surely think of having it for mending or strengthening your relationships.

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Yellow Coloured Stones:

Yellow-coloured healing crystals are commonly found today in different business organizations or houses as decorative interior pieces. Do not mistake them for being just a decorative piece to adorn the room’s interiors. These yellow-coloured crystal stones are a part of the interiors because they have properties to offer wisdom, creativity, and motivation to individuals and ultimately boost prosperity. These crystal stones are used to stay blessed with plenty of wealth and prosperity by many entrepreneurs by now.

The Shape:

So, does the shape of a healing crystal matter? While different people may have different beliefs, the fact is that the shape of a stone has nothing to do with its efficiency. Whether you choose a crystal stone that is round in shape or something available in clusters and pointed-out structures, all of them will work in the same efficient way.

The main purpose of the healing crystals is to absorb the negative energies from within your body to align the chakras of your body in the right way. Crystal stones of all shapes and structures can help you in doing so. The only thing that you need to take care of is that you are choosing the right stone for the purpose of touse the properties of the stone in the right way.

But unlike the shape, the size of the crystal stones surely makes a difference in your requirements. So while you can get small crystal stones for your personal use, you can get large crystals to benefit all the house members by installing the stone in a commonplace.

Using Crystals the Right Way

Just buying the right crystal stone will not help you solve your problems. It is also essential to use these stones in the right way to benefit from the properties of these stones in the right way. You need to take care of many things while you have decided to start using the crystal stones.

Cleansing the Stone:

As the crystal stones tend to absorb negative energies, it is essential to cleanse them from time to time, irrespective of their size. Of course, the frequency of cleansing large crystals can be higher than the smaller ones. Also, it is essential to cleanse the crystal stone when you have first brought them home and are about to start using it. So, whether you are cleansing the stone the very first time or cleaning it regularly weekly, you should know the actual process of how to clean healing crystals.

  • Wash the crystal stone thoroughly in cold water or a combination of raw milk and cold water to cleanse out the negativities absorbed by it.
  • Make sure to let the stone sit under the moonlight for some time. It is a great idea to make the stone sit under moonlight on a full moon night to cool it down. Now, why do healing crystals get hot? Simply because it absorbs your negative energies to bring positivity to your life.
  • If absorbing the stone in the moonlight is not possible somehow, you can also wash it and nest it in a bowl of natural salt or sand.

In order for the healing crystals to take care of your health, it is important that you know how to take care of healing crystals first. Following these steps will help you clean the healing crystals properly so that they can become pure once again and ready to absorb your negativities.

Massages or Meditation:

One of the most ancient ways to use healing crystals is through massages or meditation. For example, when you visit a spa, you might see how crystal stones are kept on specific parts of your body or when different points are massaged using different stones. This is because when stones are massaged on your body, they create certain electromagnetic vibrations and send them into the body that helps align the chakras of your body.

Another way is through medication. But how to meditate with healing crystals lies a major question. You can hold the healing crystals in your hands while meditating.

Now, again a question that arises is how to hold healing crystals. Hold the crystal in your palms while you focus on the sensations. When you do so, you can feel a sort of sensation not just in your palms but also slowly in your whole body. Different stones will often offer different sensations, proving that different crystal stones have different properties. After meditating with the right kind of stone, you can feel that extreme peace and calmness within your mind and the entire. To know the powers of the crystal stones, you have to experience one.

Crystal Stone Jewelry:

One of the modern trends of using healing crystals is to wear them in jewellery. People who do not wish to keep options such as large amethyst crystals as a showpiece can surely make jewellery out of these beautiful crystals.

So, how to make healing crystal jewellery?

Several jewellery options are available today in finger rings, necklaces, bracelets, and many others. You can check out different accessories available along with the stones you need to have and then get one that suits you the most.

Why wearing healing crystals jewellery is becoming a trend? Of course, if you have a combination of stones to use, you can customize jewellery for yourself and wear it in your regular life. The major fact here is that whatever jewellery you are getting should allow the crystal stone embedded in them to touch your skin all the time.

How to Keep Crystal Stones?

While many individuals keep on searching where to buy healing crystal pendants and other stuff, there are many others who find other ways to get benefited from them. Also, many people install crystal stones in their home interiors or in the room to wear them as jewellery. But is it fine to keep the healing crystals anywhere and everywhere?

You have to be very much careful while keeping your crystal stones. Here are some of the places where to place healing crystals in your home.

On Your Window Sill:

Many people question how does crystal healing work scientifically. If you have a habit of taking off the crystal jewellery while sleeping, you can always keep them on your window sill or at such a place where the crystals can get moonlight. The moonlight is great for the crystals like large amethyst or others as it helps detoxify the crystals and helps them stay pure so that you can wear them the next morning without any harm.

On Sand or Natural Salt:

If somehow you do not have an appropriate place to keep the crystals absorbing the moonlight, you must be imagining how to store healing crystals now. Another way is to keep them in a pool of Himalayan salt or sand.

So, how to use Himalayan salt crystals for healing?

While keeping the stone in a salt or sand bowl, thoroughly run the healing crystals once under cold water. In such a case, you should observe the colour of the sand or the natural salt in which you are keeping the crystal stone. When you find a change in the colour of the sand or the salt, you should replace it with fresh sand or salt. The rule of using or keeping a crystal stone, especially a large citrine crystal, is to keep it clean all the time to work on you efficiently.

Near Your Bed:

Many people do not wear crystal jewellery but keep them in their bedroom. While you are out for your work the whole day, you can always allow the healing crystals to work upon you while you are in your sleep. Hence, keep the crystal stone at your bedside table. This way, the stone will absorb all your exhaustion and negatives that you have gained throughout the day. It is said that people who install the right crystal stone by their bedside tend to have a night of much better sleep and wake up fresh with a much better mood. There are also many people who may even consider ideas of how to make a crystal healing bed that is beneficial as well as decorative.

Big Stone at the Center:

Many people keep large crystals for the whole family or even for all the team members in the office. Therefore, it is important that you get a much larger crystal stone to absorb a much higher amount of toxins in such a case. It is important to understand how to display healing crystals for this purpose. Install this crystal stone at such a place where the footfall is much higher. For example, install a large amethyst cluster at your home, install it in the living room where all the family members gather together once a day or in the dining area where all the family members dine together.

Carry Them:

Today, several experts suggest different ways how healing crystals can help you. If you do not wish to wear crystal jewellery or keep it at home, you can also carry the stone along with you. Many crystal users have admitted that they carry the crystal in their bra to stay in touch with them throughout the day. Others have also mentioned that they carry the crystal in their bag and touch them or play with them whenever they get a chance. But can you carry many healing crystals? This entirely depends upon the problems you are facing and how the crystals stones might react with each other too.

Are Crystal Stones Expensive?

Today, several crystal stones are available in the market, and it gets quite impossible at times to differentiate between real and false ones. One of the eminent factors that helps you in identifying the real stones is their cost.

So, how much do healing crystals cost?

This depends upon a number of factors now, and these are:

  • The types of crystal stone that you are buying,
  • The size of the crystal stone that you are choosing,
  • Also, the structure or the shape of the selected crystal stone.

Now, to solve this problem, a lot of people may ask where can I buy real healing crystals. It is always better to go for dealers who deal only in crystal stones exclusively.

Of course, it is quite difficult today to search for the stores or dealers who are selling real crystal stones. Hence, one of the best ways is to look for them online.

Now, you may ask where can I buy healing crystals online. One of the best ways is to do extensive research on the internet and compare different places after going through their details carefully.


It can take up a lot of time and patience to explore the majestic world of healing crystals. There are endless such stones that happen to exist. While many are known to us, many such crystal stones are still unexplored. These crystal stones are a focus of interest not because of their charm but also because of their properties that raise a lot of discussions now and then, such as how and why do crystals help heal.

While there is one sect of experts who believe in the holistic treatment method using these healing crystals, another sect questions its benefits in the light of medical science. But still, some experts have also explained the electromagnetic benefits and the placebo effects of these crystals that is an answer to science and technology. Of course, there are different details that you need to know before you start using small or large healing stones. The ideal way is to conduct good research for it first to understand them carefully or get help from the experts so that you can get the right information about what exactly you require before you search for where to buy healing crystals and stones.

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