Large Citrine Crystals

Sometimes life can be too much to handle, we’re here to help you take the edge off!

The large Citrine Crystal harnesses the solar energy of the sun thus providing you with bright and vibrant healing properties to aid in your daily journey. This is nature's way of reminding you that you need to stop feeling down cause there are brighter things ahead. 

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Why should you acquire a Citrine Crystal?

  • Eradicate Negative Energy. Large citrine crystals absorb the negative energy around you thus improving your self-esteem. It also provides a constant flow of positive and vibrant energy within and around your room so you could start your day with positivity and optimism.
  • Express Your Inner Strengths. The large crystal helps the solar plexus create chakra which governs confidence, self-expression, and freedom, thus keeping you cheerful and ready to conquer your fears.
  • Perfect Addition To Your Room. As it spreads positive and energetic light, it is a great addition to your collection of healing stones and minerals.
  • Physical Manifestation. The large citrine crystal is a “manifesting stone”. It absorbs all your hopes and wishes and helps you manifest them in reality. By having it in your room, you are inviting prosperity and success with the sunny yellow hue of the stone.
  • Conquer Your Thoughts. Due to the bright and enthusiastic energy pouring out of the crystal, it helps you control your anger and turn it into optimism. Not to mention, it gives you mental clarity and boosts your creativity on so many levels.

Order today and fill yourself with a flow of positive healing energy from an abundant source that can also protect you from the negative energies of life.